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Incentive Programs

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The department’s comprehensive land use and economic development plans take into account City goals and objectives, feedback from the developer, business and citizen communities, alongside both regional economic and business trends. The City of North Richland Hills is able to consider on a case-by-case the following tools to encourage business development. The department works with targeted industries (Target Industries) to open, grow, and expand their business.

Small Business Assistance

Connection to Internal and External Resources
Ability to introduce and connect with the business community (access to capital, business networks, service providers) and City (departments, staff, procedures).

On short-term notice, the ability to meet with key staff to discuss the opportunity and location, determining if any efficiencies or barriers exist.

Business Planning
Complimentary assistance in either developing or reviewing your business plan in order to attract funding through equity or debt capital avenues.

Market (Site Selection) Feasibility
Complimentary assistance in analyzing a market or site through area analysis (utilities, traffic counts, access, zoning), demographic and psychographic analysis and/or competitive supply and customer demand analysis.

Financial Feasibility
Complimentary assistance in sourcing land and/or development costs, best development type (build to suit, speculative, brownfield, greenfield, redevelopment), cost of capital, labor, resources, etc., projected taxes and fees, and projected rent, sales price, appreciation and/or returns.

Political Feasibility
In the event a business opportunity requires rezoning or a variance to zoning, real time feedback is provided on the level and type of City and community support.

Exterior Façade and Sign Grant Program
A City program that considers financial assistance to independent businesses seeking to renovate or restore their exterior appearance. For more information, view the Program and Application.

Large Business Assistance

Property Tax Reimbursements 
Depending upon the level of economic impact, the City (via City Council) can elect to reimburse a portion of the incremental real estate and business property tax generated over a five or 10-year period.

Sales Tax Reimbursements
Depending upon the level of economic impact, the City (via City Council) can elect to reimburse a portion of the incremental general fund sales tax generated over a five or 10-year period.

Infrastructure Improvements 
Depending upon the level of economic impact, the City can assist a business in facilitating the necessary infrastructure improvements for new development or business expansion. 

Tax Exempt Financing 
North Richland Hills has an Industrial Development Corporation and Healthcare Facility Development Corporation for the purpose of issuing tax exempt industrial revenue bonds to qualifying businesses. 

Pre-approved by the City, a manufacturer or distributor can apply to the Tarrant Appraisal District to exempt goods in transit from the personal property taxation. 

Building Fees 
Depending upon the level of economic impact, the City Council may elect to reduce permit, inspection and utility fees for developments. 

Development Review Committee (DRC) 
Use of the a committee is comprised of experts from the Planning, Inspections, Parks, Public Works, Police, Fire and Economic Development Departments. DRC meets on a weekly basis with developers and business owners to go over their projects in order to get through the permitting process quicker and more efficiently. 

Job Training 
Tarrant County College in North Richland Hills works with businesses to plan specialized employee job training and job fairs.